An Added Bonus

It’s a well-known fact that Cornerstone Cookie Gifts offers sweet treats such as cookies, brownies, cakes and cupcakes. But what you may not know is that we also offer a variety of specialty nuts great for any office snack, holiday treat or tenant gift. From the traditionally roasted peanuts to sweet and spicy pecans, we have something to offer for anyone’s flavor preference.


Specialty nut options to consider:

Cinnamon Sugar Walnuts   Cinnamon Sugar Walnuts

Roasted Almonds   Roasted Almonds

Sweet and Spicy Pecans   Sweet & Spicy Pecans

Gourmet Roasted Peanuts   Roasted Peanuts


Can’t decide? We also offer a nut assortment. We like to think of these specialty nuts as an added bonus at Cornerstone Cookie Gifts, where we strive to offer a vast array of gift options for corporate executives and property management. Contact us to discuss your specific gift needs.