Our Goal

To offer the highest quality baked goods presented with distinctive, unique packaging and brownie, cake, and cookie gifts that are delivered with unparalleled customer service.

About Cornerstone Cookie Gifts

Cornerstone Cookie Gifts began its journey in 1997 when Larry and Leigh Krasnoff, husband and wife, decided to evolve a love of cooking into a business. Now, we bring this homemade goodness to organizations around the country seeking delicious corporate holiday gifts and even to friends and families who want to send something special to loved ones. We each had different careers, but wanted to create something together. Having a love for entertaining and sharing good food with friends, we decided to develop that passion into a business so everyone could enjoy.

More Than Just Corporate Holiday Gifts

Though our selection of baked goods now includes seasonal items, corporate holiday gifts, and premium nuts, we started as a specialty cake delivery company in the Atlanta area emphasizing the quality of our made-from-scratch cakes. With such initial success, we quickly expanded our menu to include decadent chocolate brownies and delicious cookies which can now be enjoyed across the U.S. Since that time, we have continued adding new products to our line and expanding to custom packaging selections, ensuring that everyone finds something at Cornerstone Cookie Gifts. We are thankful for all the support of family and friends that has enabled us to take this successful journey in our lives.

Our Recipes

Over many years of experimenting and adapting recipes, we have successfully built a repertoire of delicious, mouth watering recipes – from the perfect corporate holiday gifts to tasty brownies and cakes. We take pride in making sure all our baked goods have that homemade goodness. We only use the finest ingredients and precisely measure all ingredients by hand. Cornerstone Cookie Gifts makes sure that everything from our cookies to our cakes is baked at just the right temperature and right amount of time to ensure they are delicious and moist every time.  All our cookies and brownies are made with sweet cream butter, whole fresh eggs, pure cane white or brown sugar and absolutely no preservatives.